Freeclimbing much fun to me!

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Last year I've browsed through a document about writing web pages. This has put me in the unique position to publish vital climbing information on the internet! Without my dedication to climbing I had lacked the motivation to to design those pages using the infamous notepad.
Hopefully you'll enjoy those pages like I did when designing them.

Today (as every day) I offer my kind readers:
A guide to a local wee climbing crag. The right thing to head for when the Südpfalz is just too far away.
Information Landstuhler Bruch
DIY: Taping for beginners. The HowTo you were looking for!
Guidance to apply tape
The sensation of the year: An exclusive report on the first solo ascent of "Hubble"
Hubble free solo
Fun at Fontainebleau or what happens when I play with a scanner and animated gif files.
animated graphic (198kByte)

Last changed: 1998-06-08