First Free-Solo ascent of "Hubble"

On a hot summer's day in the Peak I was treating myself to a pint at Anglers Rest pub when suddenly it struck me that I was in the right physical and mental condition to tackle this climb. I immediately left, heading towards Raven Tor.
After having a p** (me, as every climber I dare to say, have to relieve myself before starting a hard climb) I did some turns on an easy warm-up boulder ("power band"), in order to prevent injuries on the upper limbs. Additionally I wound a fair amount of tape around my middle fingers, to protect the ligaments. Compared to my height of 1.92m I have relatively long fingers, which leads to a bad lever. On the other hand this physique lends itself well to the long moves on this route.
Unfortunately, my girl-friend could not belay me on this very day and my grandma was indisposed as well, so I decided to go for it without protection at all. This cruical weight reduction and the additional adrenaline (remember Ron Fawcett on Moon Madness @ Curbar Edge) turned the obvious impairment to good advantage.
So that everybody in the world can admire me, I present movie (297kB Gif) small movie (43kB Gif) as an evidence. If you are surprised by the fact me not wearing a chalk bag, rest assured, I have inherited my father's dry hands: He was an electrician!

D. in Hubble
ME doing the crux of Hubble

By the way, topping out was a quite different thing :-)